Week 2 - Couch To 5K

Where to start? The Couch To 5K programme is still going, and going well… ish. I’m coping with the aches and pains brought on by each run pretty well too… ish.

Why the ‘ish’? Well, I’m currently nursing minor knee, ankle and thumb injuries in the aftermath of taking a tumble.

I could tell you that I was trying to avoid a woman taking a photograph of her son in front of a lovely rapeseed field. I could tell you that she was stood in the middle of the pavement and I moved into the road in order to not ruin her undoubtedly Instagram-worthy photo. It’s even possible that you might believe that I was being a decent person and that the budding photographer was at fault for blocking the pavement. But, in all honesty, I’m still the clod who tripped on the slightly-raised kerbstone and hit the road in exactly the fashion that you’d expect of a 120kg sack of spuds.

To give myself a little credit, I got right back up and finished the rest of the 30 minute session (those 3-minute runs, phew!). I didn’t let the bloodied knee or mild ankle sprain put me off my usual walks, and tomorrow morning I’ll be off on my next run. The only bit of me that really smarts is the bit that didn’t want to fork out for a replacement phone; my (now former) phone looks like it was used to demonstrate real-life fractal patterns resulting from a single incident, initiating somewhere around the lower left corner. Needless to say, from now on I’ll be taking a much less costly mp3 player out on runs and leaving my phone tucked up at home.

This is good, though… honest. I’m learning, week-by-week; don’t use iffy running apps; leave my phone at home; just ruin the damned photo! In that vein, I can report less issue with shin splints. I have, though, resorted to using cohesive bandages around my lower legs as a precaution. Thankfully, they provide much better compression than the compression sleeves that tried and failed last time around.

I’m ramping up now, with a mixture of 3-minute and 5-minute runs on the horizon come next week. The challenge is not to be sniffed at, but Laura (the Couch To 5K voice in my ear) assures me that I can do it, and I believe her.

So, the programme is going well, and I am coping with the associated aches and pains. Any and all ‘ish’-es (‘ish’s?) were inserted entirely to accommodate my frail self-esteem, and in order to give me a silly aside with which to bookend this blog post. Mission accomplished!