Nearly four months ago now, I stood on a set of fancy new wi-fi scales which reliably informed me that I weighed 129.9kg (285lbs/20st5lb). Now, I'm not one to panic, but I couldn't ignore the need to start addressing the issue at hand.

The issue wasn't my weight, it was the degree to which I felt unfit. And not in an 'I shouldn't have had that extra slice of pizza last night' kinda way. More in an 'I've given myself a pass for seven years and it's caught up with me in every way imaginable'... kinda way.

I have had enough health issues in my life to be accustomed to not having full control over my physical wellbeing, but I had never felt as out of touch with myself as I did on that evening in early May. In a move unbefitting of an introvert who thinks when they ought do, I decided to announce the situation publicly (on Twitter) in an effort to force myself out of the bad habits I'd fallen into.

I immediately started drastically increasing my levels of activity and, unsurprisingly, came pretty quickly unstuck. It turns out that my predilection for the calm, considered gathering of information was needed, in conjunction with my newfound determination.

And so, a few months later, here I am, ready to chronicle my progress so far and the next 12 months (or so) of progress yet-to-come. If that, to you, sounds as narcissistic as it does to me, please know that I honestly believe that I am not alone in wanting to be fitter, and that I hope this blog and podcast can find its way to help others.

The podcast? Expect to see and hear more about that very soon on this very blog page. If this all seems a little lacking in detail and substance, rest assured that it is meant to... for now. Between progress updates and the podcast, I fully intend to flesh out all of the above as I make strides towards a fitter, healthier future.